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Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices have numerous have health benefits and medicinal properties.
According to studies, low temperature drying techniques are the only processing methods that can retain the colour, flavour, phytochemicals and nutritional content of natural ingredients.
The Mildtech technology can dry natural ingredients to variable moisture levels at low temperatures, retaining full organoleptic and constitutional properties.

Healthy Food

Healthy food such as meat, fish, dairy products plus many more can be cooked quickly and efficiently using the Mildtech technology.
Different food items can be cooked at the same time via controlled selective heating, whilst shelf-life is extended without any preservatives via low-temp cooking.
We have recently verified that whole chickens cooked in the Mildtech machines are still safe to eat after more than 6 months of refrigeration.

Milk & Juices

Milk and juices can be dried in the Mildtech machines to any specific moisture levels desired.
Milk can be dried to powder to unlock health-benefitting peptides and proteins, whilst juice can be dried to extend shelf-life, ready to be re-constituted for consumption.
Important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and calcium are retained, leaving an ultimately healthier product.

Algae & Seaweed

Algae has high concentrations of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can provide anti-cancer anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, and antidiabetic benefits. Current drying techniques require high temperatures to heat the product, resulting in the destruction of key enzymes, nutrients and minerals.
This problem is avoided when using the Mildtech technology, as the product can be dried at less than 30 degrees Celsius, ensuring all organoleptic and constitutional properties are maintained.
This opens up a huge opportunity for new nutraceuticals or functional foods which contain the key health-benefiting properties of Algae, enabling game-changing product development and exciting prospects in the health and wellness industries.

Coffee Roasting

Coffee Beans can be roasted using the Mildtech technology with complete homogeneity, leaving no hot or cold spots.

The aroma and taste are intensified due to low temperature processing.
Large quantities can be processed very quickly and efficiently.